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Interview Tips

After a successful resume encourages the company to review your credentials, the next step for achieving the job of your dreams is a successful job interview.

“Be Prepared”
Once you have confirmed an interview time and date; DO NOT forget what that is. To call back and reconfirm a time shows disorganization.
“Know the job”
Begin preparations for the interview and a successful outcome. The key is to know everything you possibly can about the business, the industry and the specific requirements for the position you are interviewing for. Do this by reviewing the company website or company newsletters.
“Practice makes perfect”
Visualize yourself in an interview. Begin with your appearance, your demeanor, the questions that you are likely to be asked and your response to those questions. Visualizing every step will lead you into the interview with confidence.
“Dress for Success”
Make sure that the outfit you plan to wear is clean, all the buttons are secure. Set aside the ‘power suit’ that says you are a business professional, a day prior to your interview. That would avoid a mad scramble the day of your interview. In other words…put your best suit on and sell yourself! There is a saying: If you already look the part, you have more of a chance at getting the job.
“First Impressions”
As important as the clothes you wear, is the way you present yourself – Body Language. First impressions do make a difference. Walk into the interview office, standing straight and looking confident. Offer a firm, dry handshake. Do not get excited. Take note of your body posture. Sit straight, but relaxed. Your arms resting in a natural position. Fidgeting, clasping of hands, picking nails, or finger-tapping shows your nervousness and does not bode well in any interview. It is essential to maintain eye contact. Above all breathe easily and don’t forget to occasionally smile.
“Speak the Truth”
It is very easy to lie in an interview. However, it is also very easy for companies to find references and catch you in a lie. Answer as many questions as you can, as truthful as you can. As far as we know…honesty is still the best policy.
In today’s job market, references play a key role in any and all industries. Make sure to provide suitable names and correct phone numbers for any person you use as a reference. Business references are almost always contacted. Companies often rely on a positive reference to forward your resume to the next level. Keep this in mind. When providing names, make sure to contact the references prior to releasing their names and requesting their assistance for a reference. If the company has to do it’s own detective work in finding a reference, there is already something wrong.
“After The Interview”
Once the interview is complete and the interviewer walks you to the door, make sure to thank them for an opportunity to meet with them. Follow up on your interview approximately 5-7 working days after your interview with either a thank you note or a quick telephone call. This is not to be a pushy; rather, just an inquiry on how things went and if there would be any further interviews or opportunities.